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Print your GPG key fingerprint with LaTeX


Print your GPG key fingerprint with LaTeX, and be better prepared for ad hoc signings at the next key signing party!

Install LaTeX with koma-script and forloop if haven’t already done so. On Debian based systems, the installation command is:

apt-get install texlive-latex-extra

Download the LaTeX code which is public domain:

Adjust the key ID so it will print your own key rather than mine. Also adjust the number of repetitions to fill the page:

% Key ID to print

% Number of repetitions

Finally, generate the PDF file:

sh fingerprint.tex

The result is shown below. Have fun!


The short command sh fingerprint.tex works because the LaTeX code is written in a special way, so it is also a working shell script which executes pdflatex and removes all temporary files. Of course, you can also call pdflatex by hand. In that case, don’t forget to provide the --shell-escape option, otherwise the LaTeX file isn’t allowed to run GPG to retrieve your key fingerprint:

pdflatex --shell-escape fingerprint.tex



(In case you want to know, the preview image was generated with GraphicsMagick: gm convert -density 60 example.pdf example.png)